Who can play for this program?
Each season we have teams for 3rd – 8th graders.  If you are in 6th – 8th grade, your child must be zoned to attend Johns Creek High School.  You can be zoned for any school to play on the 3rd, 4th & 5th grade team.

Do I have to have lacrosse experience to play?
All players are welcome!  The Fall league is more developmentally focused than the Spring season, but the club’s goal is to groom great lacrosse players and a love for the game.

Are there try-outs?
There are no tryouts for the Fall season.  There will be evaluations for Spring teams in January of each year.  The purpose of the evaluation is to to place players on a team with equally skilled/age appropriate team mates.  No player will be cut from our program.

When are practices?
There will be 2 practices during the week at Newtown Park and the days and time are TBD.

When are games?
During our “practice” season in the fall we will have 1 game on the weekend unless it’s a make-up and then 2 games are possible.  During our Spring season, typically games are on the weekend.  Normally, there is 1 game, but on some occasions there will be 2.

What is a “practice” season and when is it?
A practice season for lacrosse is in the Fall and runs from September to early November.

Practice season is a perfect time for beginners as they will learn all the basics and fundamentals of lacrosse.  For those seasoned players, practice season allows them to brush up on their skills, as well as, not skipping a beat!

Since it is hard to find field space during this time of year and it’s not our normal season, we play at Newtown Recreation.  We still are the Johns Creek Jr. Gladiators.

When is our normal season?
Our normal season starts with practice in February and lasts until mid of May.  The players are brushing up on the basics and moving on to more advanced moves.

What equipment do I need?
The following items are mandatory for practice and games:  stick, helmet, shoulder pads/arm pads, athletic cup, mouth guard, and cleats.

Absolutely NO tennis shoes/sneakers!   A player will not be able to participate in games or practices without these items.